Microsoft warns of new Trojan hijacking Facebook accounts with a new chrome extension and firefox add-on

Microsoft has warned facebook user about a new malware that can hijack their facebook profile.

This malware is a new Trojan in the form of Mozilla add on and chrome extension. The malware found is discovered as  Trojan:JS/Febipos  and first detected in brazil.

The trojan first check weather the user is logged in to his account or not, if the user is logged in, it attempts to download a configuration file that includes a list of commands.

This malware can perform the following action with your profile : Like a page, share content, post on people’s profiles, comment on other posts, join a group, invite friends to a group, and chat with friends.

Microsoft found a page that this malware was most active on and found its like and comments increasing too fastly. that means users are installing this plugin or add-on actively.

They further concluded that it can change its messages, urls and facebook pages and other activity at any time.

Microsoft recomonded to always keep security products updated with the latest definitions to help avoid infection.

Don’t be a silent user let us know what do you think about it in comments below 🙂     

Abhishek Kumar Jha

Knowledge is Power

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