#OpAustralia, The Royal Australian Air Force Official website Brought down by Indonesian hackers.

From last few days Indonesian hackers have been disrupting some of the major Government websites of Australia. as said by Indonesian hackers they are Continuing ‘#OpAustralia’ Cyber war over Australia because Of the last months news of Australia helping National Security agency (which was behind the prism).

From past Few hours Indonesian hackers were running DDOS attack over the official website of The Royal Australian Air Force (https://www.airforce.gov.au/) The website was finally not able to cope up the Attack and has been disrupted

While trying to access the website, most of the time the URL returned  the message ‘Unavailable’ while some times if by luck someone was able to access the website he she was not able to view the content and could only see the Title bar and labels on the top, as shown in the above screenshot.

The hacker group which is believed to carry out the attack and is actively posting on the Facebook page ‘Indonesian Security Down Team’, Posted the website is down for more than 90% and rest 10% should be down in few hours, the group also urged their fans to fasten the DDOS attack.

It seems like Indonesian Security Down Team will be able to bring the website completely down. as they did few days back with official website of Australian secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) website

before that Indonesian hackers were able to deface more than 170 websites from Australia

As of now The website seems down from many places.

Abhishek Kumar Jha

Knowledge is Power

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