Apple announces it new thinnest MacBook with 12 inch Retina display in an event held for releasing its new Watch

Apple released its new Watch and simultaneously unveiled its thinnest, smallest and lighter MacBook which will be ready for sale from April 10th for a price of $1299.

Apple has come up with a new Watch and had arranged an event to release this product, at the same time Apple also unveiled its new MacBook which would be ready for shipping from April 10th at a price of $1299. The MacBook is one of the thinnest of Apple MacBook Air models which has been updated with a lot of features over its earlier predecessors MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. This product is just “MacBook”. In the event Apple also announced the upgradation of its earlier MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with faster chips and Thunderbolt 2.

Lets have a quick look at the features of the MacBook:

  • Dimensions: It is light in weight and weighs only 2 pounds. 24% Thinner than MacBook Air so now it is 13.1mm in thickness and 12 inches in width.
  • Keyboard: A new feature “Butterfly mechanism” has been incorporated making it a “new keyboard” which has been stretched along the width of the MacBook. Each key is very thin and has a LED light.
  • Force Click: Touch pad has been rebuild with advanced features and does not give the “click” sound during navigation. Instead four sensors have been incorporated in the touch pad, one in each corner and the “click feel” is managed by a software which uses pressure sensitivity while using the new MacBook’s advanced technologies. For eg: Pressing harder on the touch pad is directly linked to the fast forward command and makes a video play faster in the real time. This technology has been introduced by Apple as “Force Click”
  • Screen: The display screen is 12 inches in width and has its earlier Retina display feature with 2304 x 1440 resolution which helps in less consumption of the power almost 30% less compared to earlier generations.
  • Redesigning the hardware: The logic board is 67% smaller than its earlier generations. MacBook has Intel’s Core M Broadwell CPU.
  • Battery: Apple promises a longer battery life for its new MacBook and it seems the battery can run at a stretch for 10 hours while playing a movie or 9 hours when a person is browsing through web.
  • USB type C connector: Apple has used the upgraded, single USB Type-C connector which is the smaller reversible USB standard in the new MacBook. Apple is starting to use this USB Type C connectors in tablets and phones this year. User would just get a headphone jack with this connector. User needs to use wireless connections (i.e. Wi Fi or Bluetooth) or an adapter to exchange its files as the existing USB accessories will not plug into the new MacBook USB plug. This single port will be used for charging, Display Port, VGA, data, and HDMI however Apple will provide its users with VGA and HDMI adapters separately whereas the single port will have charging, Display Port and USB 3.1 internally built in the MacBook.
  • As per Schiller : “MacBook is the world’s most energy-efficient notebook,  according to data from the US Environmental Protection Agency.”
  • MacBook is available in 3 different colors: Space Gray, Stunning Gold and Silver.


Apple has always brought innovative ideas to the world and surely with all the new features the gadget freaks will be waiting to lay their hands on the new MacBook.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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