Hijacked school Twitter account turns head teacher into a porn star

Hackers do some really crappy things to the hijacked accounts but this one takes the cake. Cyber criminals hijacked the Twitter account of a head teacher of Oriel High School and turned him into a adult film star and complete with all the makeup and stuff.

Philip Stack, who is head teacher of Oriel High School in United Kingdom faced one of those days when everything you do goes wrong. First his Twitter account was hijacked and later the hackers turned him into a adult film star with a liberal dose of photoshopping. The final nail in Stack’s day was that hackers used his Twitter account to make inappropriate and unceremonious tweets about his girl students.

Some of the tweets are as follows :

The year 9 girls are getting a bit fat.

We need to work on them in the gym.

The Mirror reported on Wednesday, the image of Oriel High School head teacher Philip Stack’s smiling face was pasted onto the body of a muscular, tattooed male model who would have been naked but for a jock strap.

Cyber Criminals hack Twitter account of school, turn the head teacher into adult film star

The school immediately deactivated the account and informed the police who are investigating the hack attack.

Prima facie it seems that the Twitter was hacked by students themselves and that is what some Twitter users suggested. One users sarcastically added that Oriels’s IT teachers should be proud of students’ “accomplished computer skills.”