Anonymous launch #OpBeast against animal cruelty and depravity

#OpBeast : Anonymous aims cyberattacks at depraved animal cruelty websites

It is well known that Internet is haunt for various ghastly and detestable websites like child abuse and animal bestiality. These websites sometimes operate on the dark web with .onion domain names and are accessible only via Tor or equivalent anonymiser network. However it is found that some .com websites also offer such services like animal cruelty images feature animal depravity and beastiality.

Anonymous has announced a operation called #OpBeast which plans to raise awareness of animal cruelty featured on animal abusing NSFW websites. It also plans to identify and bring down such websites through cyber attacks so that they are out of business. It has already published a large list of #OpBeast targets on ghostbin, which includes animal cruelty websites that are either removed, seized or defaced.

The campaign began in early April under the name “Operation Null Denmark” targeting government of Denmark for its lax bestiality laws which allowed such sites to operate without any fear of the law. The original goal, according to Counter Current News, was “to pressure the nation of Denmark to change the law on bestiality.” But soon Anonymous members realised that animal depravity is not small issue limited to Denmark alone and had become widespread in the world.

According to Counter Current News, more hackers from the U.S., UK and Netherlands joined the campaign, the operation’s name was changed OpBeast. Now under operation #OpBeast, Anonymous has brought down six websites dedicated to animal depravity and defaced seven more.

#OpBeast : Anonymous aims cyberattacks at depraved animal cruelty websites