Apple is sitting on $193.5 billion in cash; just imagine the things it can do with money!

Apple has $193.5 billion cash with which it can afford to buy some of the World’s biggest companies and still be left with shitload of cash

The latest quarterly balance sheet of Apple Inc. shows a mind boggling figure of $193.5 billion cash. The public company has undergone enormous growth in recent years and seems it is growing bigger day by day.

With such a huge bank balance Apple Inc. can definitely afford to buy some of the biggest companies of the World. Lets check that in future if Apple actually plans to buy how much could it buy with its cash!!

  • Buy Auto Industry of America: Apple seems to be interested in the car market. There are rumors that it is planning to develop an electric car. Instead Apple can buy Tesla Motors Inc worth $ 29 billion and Ford which is worth $ 63 billion and definitely chalk out the design of an iCar? what say….Still Apple will be left with a huge amount of $ 101.5 billion with which it can buy other American auto companies like General Motors Company at $58 billion, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV at $21 billion. The total amount that Apple will spend on all these purchases would add up to mere $ 171 billion and goes without saying that Apple’s bank balance would still show an astounding $22.5 billion !!!!!!
  • Buy Major American Sports League: Apple could plan to get in the Sports business and if it decides to buy every single American sports league then lets see how much cash it would need to spend?
    • NFL: $45 billion,
    • NBA: $33 billion,
    • NHL: $15 billion,
    • MLB: $36 billion.
    • Now the total of all this is again only $129 billion and Apple will still be left with $64.5  billion cash!! If Apple ever plans to buy the sports league then it will surely get the rights to show all the games free through its Apple TV.
  • Buy the Airline Industry: Simply fabulous, if Apple decides to enter the Airline Industry just imagine the different technological innovations that we would get to enjoy during our air journey. Well jokes apart, lets check which all Airlines it can afford to purchase:
    • Delta Airlines Inc: $38 billion
    • Southwest Airlines Co: $28 billion
    • United Continental Holdings Inc : $24 billion
    • Ryanair Holdings Plc : $18 billion
    • Alaska Air Group, Inc.: $9 billion
    • JetBlue Airways Corporation: $6 billion
    • Spirit Airlines Inc : $6 billion
    • Copa Holdings SA: $5 billion
    • Allegiant Travel Co: $3 billion
    • Hawaiian Holdings Inc: $1 billion
      The Grand Total would be  $138 billion and Apple is still left with $55.5 billion!!!
  • It can Stock pick some of hot cakes: With the total cash in its pockets Apple could buy some of the hot internet services and tech stocks. Lets see which all companies it can afford to buy:
    • Inc : $44 billion
    • Yahoo! Inc. : $42 billion
    • Netflix, Inc. : $34 billion
    • Twitter Inc : $34 billion
    • Expedia Inc: $13 billion
    • GoPro Inc : $6 billion
    • Groupon Inc: $5 billion
    • Pandora Media Inc: $4 billion
    • Yelp Inc : $4 billion
    • Zynga Inc : $2 billion.
    • So the Grand Total comes upto $188 billion and Apple is still left with $5.5 billion cash!!
      With the purchase of the Internet services, Apple can become more social ……….well thats what everyone keeps telling Apple isn’t it?
  • Take on Comcast Corporation: Comcast Corporation, formerly registered as Comcast Holdings, is a U.S.-based international mass media company. Basically Comcast is one of the world’s largest broadcasting and cable company which Apple can purchase for $148.44 billion as per market cap. Still Apple will be left with $45.06 billion cash. Now with Apple entering the mass media and broadcast industry it can definitely deliver superb cable experience to its viewers by updating the software of Comcast.

These are few of the world’s biggest companies that Apple could plan to buy with all the cash that is reflecting on its balance sheets. On the other hand, with 98000 loyal employees Apple could afford to pay them a bonus of $1 million each.

Leave aside buying companies in United States, heck, it can even by some countries in the world and still be left with a pile of cash. Alternatively some other innovative thought would be to buy almost 4 Big Macs for every single person of the globe!!!

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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