T-REX Dinosaur : Addictive hidden game in Google Chrome which works not only in desktops but also in the Android devices.

Users of the Google Chrome browser must be well familiar with the T Rex dinosaur which pops up when the internet is down. Now, the interesting point here is whenever the internet is not connected to the desktop or Android device and user searches on the browser it pops out the T Rex dinosaur which conveys the message that the “Google Chrome cannot display the webpage because your computer is not connected to the internet.”

The short arms of this dinosaur indicates its short comings to reach out to things and it is used to denote the trouble which Google Chrome is facing in reaching out to the internet.

This dinosaur is actually the hidden game and many Chrome users are actually addicted to this game. In case of a desktop, just disconnect internet and search anything randomly on the Google Chrome, immediately the T Rex dinosaur will show up on the screen, now users would need to press the Space Bar and the game gets started.

The T Rex starts running and users goal is to stop the T Rex from bumping into the cactus which is spread intermittently on the runway, this can be done by pressing the space bar which helps the T Rex to jump and avoid the cactus.

In case, users want to try this game on their Android device, all they need to do is switch their device into Airplane mode or disable the data pack in the settings. Now go for random search on Google Chrome browser. The method is same as above with the only difference that users would need to tap the screen instead of spacebar and help the dinosaur jump so as to avoid the cactus.

For users who are wondering what is this game all about then just for their information the game is basically written in Java Script and if users visit the Chromium repository where they will get the complete source code.

For now users can enjoy the addictive game whenever their internet is disabled and instead of building up the tension they can make use of that time by playing this game and relaxing.