WhatsApp v2.12.45 for Android now lets you back up your conversations on Google Drive

WhatsApp updates its Android version to let you backup conversations to Google Drive. Here’s how you can do it

You are in lots of WhatsApp groups and mostly receive lots of jokes, videos and crack information on it but there are some WhatsApp conversations from near and dear ones you would like to save for posterity.

WhatsApp users have long been demanding that they should be allowed to save the conversations somewhere and now with WhatsApp com crossing the milestone of 800 million active users per month, it had released a new version WhatsApp v2.12.45 for Android which lets users back up their conversations on Google Drive.

All you need to do is update to the latest version and choose the option to take a backup to Google Drive in the chat settings tab. Once you have done that, you will have to log in with your Gmail credentials and sync data with the Google Drive you want to save your chats to.


Another thing to remember is that you should weed out the important WhatsApp conversations before backing up because lot of chats contain viral videos and images which may eat up your Google Drive GBs pretty quickly.

Unfortunately the latest version is still not available on Google Play and you will have to sideload it on your Android smartphone.  You can download it from WhatsApp website here.

The Google Drive option has been released only for Android smartphones and tablets and iOS/Windows Phone users will have to wait for some time before this option becomes available for their devices.

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