Top 10 Photo Editing apps on Android to make your every photograph special

Top 10 Photo Editing apps on Android to make your every photograph special

With the introduction of advanced cameras in the smartphones, people find it more feasible to spend a little more on smartphones which sports a camera with higher resolution than going for a digital camera. Thus it is very rare nowadays to see people carrying a digicam when they go for some outings or occasions. Another plus point with the smartphone is that it is carried 24×7 which is convenient in case user wants to click some photograph instantly.

Android smartphones not only has higher image sensors but it also has good optical image stabilization, so if you are a person who prefers getting into photography using Android smartphone then this article has been written for you.

Below listed are some of the best Photo Editing apps that can be downloaded for free of cost and it can be used to enhance the beauty of your favorite photographs.


With this free app users can edit as well as extensively customize the photographs in their smartphone. Further it allows cropping and rotation of the photographs. Users can edit features such as sharpness, brightness, highlight, shadows, exposure, contrast to name a few. The app also provides various filters that can help to enhance the beauty of your favorite photograph. Due to all these qualities this app is one of the most downloaded application on the Android device.

The UI is minimal and much easy to grasp. On the other hand its deeper professional grade features gives much more scope to the photo fanatics to explore. The availability of exclusive social forum provides users a chance to share their customized photographs with others. To download this app visit this link.

PicsArt Photo Studio

The PicsArt Photo Studio app has over 200 million installs. Due to the excellent image editor and sharing platform this app has become a very popular editing app of the year 2015. The PicsArt app provides users with powerful all in one camera, photo editor, collage maker, drawing studio and these tools help the users to unleash their hidden artistic talent. The tool provides users with unlimited options to manipulate any photograph using variety of features like borders, stickers, masks, clip art graphics and many more.

With the extraordinary photo editing app users can definitely take their creativity to the next level. The availability of its own studio networking service is an added benefit which provides users with an opportunity to make their photograph a part of larger social forums. This is again a free download and users can get it from here.


Created by the developers at the Nik Software Inc. it has been integrated with Google+ and has now become free app. The Snapseed app is one of the ideal apps wherein users can avail the Auto correct feature to give a touch up to their photographs in regards to brightness, contrast, saturation. The app also provides Selective adjustment feature wherein certain specific features can be highlighted in the photograph to give them the required focus.

By using the Tune Image feature users can adjust the background components such as white balance, shadow etc. Besides all these features, Snapseed provides certain filters such as Retrolux, Vintage, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Drama and other cool effects. Download this app from here.

Pixlr Express

This powerful app has been designed by Autodesk Inc. specially for people who believe in quick editing of the photograph. The Pixlr Express sports some of the advanced features such as cosmetic editing which allows users to whiten the teeth, remove red eye, smoothen and brighten any photograph along with quick cropping and resizing.

Further, the app also provides a feature “Frequently Used” settings that can be used for editing the photograph at much faster speed. Various Photoshop effects such as pencils, posters, water color, halftones and many more are also available in this app. Users can create wonderful and interesting collage effects using the Pixlr Express app. The most important feature of the app is its Auto Fix feature. The app can be downloaded for free of cost from here.

Photo Editor by Aviary

This app offers some of the standard features of a photo editor that includes rotating, cropping, correcting which can be achieved by one tap auto enhancing feature. The app also has cosmetic tool to remove flaws and blemishes from any photograph. The image correction feature can help users to fix the photographs that has been burnt by over flash or even those which was clicked with a dusty camera lens.

The app allows users to share their photos across all the popular social media apps. There is special focus feature wherein users can use the Tilt shift effect. Other in-app purchases is available for additional effects such as frames and stickers otherwise this is a free app. Get the app downloaded from here.

Befunky Photo Editor

One of the best photo editing app and it has all the standard tools that is required for appropriate editing of a photograph. Besides, there are additional features like the Photo Frame feature that includes Polaroid, Halfstone and Filmstrip. Users can avail the vast options to provide special effects and customize their image. The app can be run on smartphones and tablets as well. Along with a free version the app provides a paid version as well, which contains addtional features. To get the free version downloaded click here.


This is a multi purpose app which can be used as camera as well as photo editor. Cymera can work excellently with the portraits. Cymera app has an inbuilt camera which has been provided with seven different lenses and four recording modes. It contains certain special features that include filters, shooting mode, face detection, collage effects and also huge decoration options.

The app has a feature of sharing the edited images on social networking sites directly from the app. Cymera is free app however it is accompanied with ads. To get the free version of the app download from here.


This is a hybrid app that is packed with image editor and a camera app that sports a digital zoom along with self timer and time lapse features. The major feature of this app is that it can provide vintage camera effects and styles to the photograph. In addition the app has a double exposure setting along with photo-machine mode. The app provides more than 70 customization features and 50 frames that can be used in any combination to create unlimited photo effects.

The app does not have the rotating and cropping features. User would need to pay some minimal charges to get this app; a free version of the app is available for demo. The most important feature of this app is that user can avail all the features even in case the data connection is not present. To download this app click here.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app is available for a free of cost and users can avail some of the basic features like layers, image exporting, color correction, blemish removal, borders and various other adjustments. However, this app is not all-inclusive of the features that are available in the PC counterpart.

Users would need to purchase a separate app in case they want to use this app in Tablet. Internet connection as well as membership is a must for availing the features of this app. To download the app visit here.

Photo Editor Pro

This app is an amazing photo editor with many filters and effects. The app sports a one touch auto enhancement feature that include color splash filter, frames and various other basic features. In addition, there is a special beautification effects like Arizona, Avenue, Clyde etc.

Besides insertion of fun stickers, creating customized memos and drawing on photo is an added feature. The app allows users to share the edited pictures in social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. The app can be downloaded for free of cost from here.

These are Top 10 Photo Editing apps have been randomly picked based on the best feature they have. Readers and Android smartphone users can let us know if they feel some other excellent app that we missed and should have been a part of this list. Feel free to give your suggestions in the comments section and mention your favorite app in case you have been using any of these apps.



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