Top iPhone and Android apps you should have on your smartphone

Top iPhone and Android Apps to keep you busy and get the best out of your smartphone

Google and Apple keep on adding innumerable apps and games to their respective App stores. While most of these apps and games go unnoticed; however we have been informing our readers about the best of the new iPhone and Android apps that you may have missed. Our team has picked up few interesting iPhone, Android, Mac and Web apps which we believe are a must and you would want to give them a try.

Google Photos App

It has been seen that certain apps are just bloatware where you cannot store unlimited photos and videos which adds up as a burden to your data. Google Photos App is a powerful app designed for storing photos where you can upload unlimited photos and videos. This app features machine learning technology which recognizes what is in your photos and also you can search and sort your photos in a flash.

You can download the Google Photos App for Android from here and for iPhone/iPad from here or you can try out the online version here.


Sunrise is a free calendar gorgeous App which has a new Keyboard that lets you easily schedule appointments without opening the app.It has a new “Meet” keyboard feature which gives you to access a quick view of your calendar and even lets you select and send along your availability all from within your favorite messaging or email app.

You can download the Sunrise App for Android from here and for iPhone/iPad from here.

Duet Display (paid App)

For the first time, Duet Display App helps you to connect your iPad to your Mac and your computer as well. This app uses your iPad’s Lightning cord for the connection due to which there is a Zero lag and you can change the iPad’s refresh rate for a performance gain if your computer has become old. The price is $15.99 (IOS, Mac & PC).

You can download Duet Display for iPhone/iPad from here, Mac version from here and the Windows version from here.


The Branch app is very exciting and simple. It is a puzzle game where you try to survive as long as possible as you travel along a branch made of polygons. To keep from falling off, you simply have to tap the screen to rotate the branch so you can prevent the smaller branches.

You can download the Branch for iPhone/iPad from here.

Redacted (paid App)

Redacted app is a very crucial app and is perfect if you want to post a screenshot or photo of an essential document or email and also helps in hiding any sensitive information which you do not want to share. The Mac app effortlessly helps to add black bars, blur, or pixelate lines of text. The price is $6.99 and can be downloaded for Mac from here.


MovieQu app is awesome for those who enjoys movies. This app listens to what is playing on the screen and quickly brings up all the important information and also adds the film’s release date to your favorite calendar app automatically. The price is going to be unveiled soon and you can sign up for the updates here.

Moleskine’s Timepage (paid App)

Moleskine’s new calendar and Timepage app both is very elegant and simple and use. The app organizes your appointments in list and it also incorporates weather forecasts and lets you quickly hail an Uber right from within the app. The price is $4.99 (IOS).


As per market research, Periscope has officially unveiled an Android version of its live streaming app and it has a couple of exclusive features. You can mention the kinds of notifications you would like to receive and there is “Return to Broadcast” button if you leave and re-open the app so that you can go back into the broadcast you were watching. Its free of cost and can be download for your Android from here and iPhone/iPad from here.


Paper is the best sketching app and its new feature helps to create perfect shapes, diagrams and charts even if you have horrible writing.The Paper App is free of cost and can be downloaded for iOS from here.

Uber for Tailors

George Zimmer, the founder of Men’s wearhouse has brought a new app called zTailors that wants to bring a tailor to your home or office. The app’s tailors have minimum of five years of experience and they can adjust your shirts, pants, jackets, jeans, coats, dresses, skirts and give it back within a week’s time with free pickup and delivery. It costs $20 to taper a shirt and getting a pair of pants hemmed costs $16. The web version is available here and Apps will be launched soon.

Pixelmator (paid App

Pixelmator is a powerful photo editing tool for your iPhone and iPad. It is easy to use but packs serious power under its hood allowing you to enhance, edit, frame, paint, sketch and transform your photos into beautiful works of arts. The price is $4.99 (iOS).

The above iPhone and Android apps would help users to enhance the performance of their device, organize themselves in much better way, aid in their entertainment, help them in their connectivity, allows them to play mind boggling games and last but not the least help foodies to get more recipes. Readers might feel there are some other more important and useful apps in the Google Play Store, please feel free to mention that in the comments so as to benefit other readers.

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