“Charge my phone to 100%” might just be Siri’s code word for calling 911

Siri Summons Police if you say “Charge my phone to 100%”

Apple’s smooth talking voice assistant, Siri is looking to get more attention than most of the voice recognition systems that are around.

Siri was the first widely-deployed speech recognition system that worked indefinitely; she talks back to you in serene tones with a well fine-tuned accent; she’s (seemingly) calm and collected; and you can simply call her by name, as you might ask a friend to for her assistance.

While smooth talking can get only so far, Siri has had along the way her fair share of security disagreement, privacy concerns, and even a little conspiracy theory.

The Siri scenarios that have caught the public’s attention have been different, including:

* Problems regarding what does Apple do with the voice snippets and how long does it keep them.
* It is not a good idea to have mobile apps listening in all the time, in the event, someone wants to ask Siri something.
* How safe is your lockscreen when Siri is active, given the fact she is assumed to assist you in bypassing the keypad.
* If there’s anything evil in the fact that Siri calls the cops on you, if you say “9/11”.

Charge my phone to 100 %

Tell Siri to “charge my phone to 100%” and she will immediately call 911, giving you just 5 seconds of respite to stop the virtual assistant from sending out an SOS. There is no official word on what the cause of this is but the two possibilities are that it’s either a bug or a hidden function that allows you to call the police in an emergency. There has been no official communication from Apple referring to such a feature, however.

Dont try this now as Apple seems to have fixed the issue.


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