Watch Apple’s 3K Retina iMac face an anti-tank cannonĀ …and lose, badly

The creators of the YouTube channel, FullMag have one of the most addictive hobby on the planet. They take expensive devices outside the city and shoot them from different caliber weapons. They have already dropped an iPhone 6 from thousands of feet, frozen and smashed an iPhone 6 Plus with a sledgehammer and ended an Apple Watch’s time with a rifle.

Richard Ryan, who is behind all the aforementioned tech destruction has now taken things to the next level by targeting a 27-inch Apple’s iMac with 5K Retina Display with a 90mm anti-tank cannon. The day the video was released, it was watched over 100000 times.

The destruction is terrifying and predictable. However, when a shot is shown in a slow motion mode, it looks spectacular. After ripping a hole in that beautiful display, all the internal layers of the computer are removed by the force of the blow looking like an exploding onion.

Watch the video below to see it for yourself.