Microsoft no longer letting users opt-out of Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft forces Windows 10 down Windows 7/8.1 users throat with mandatory update

Microsoft is virtually pushing Windows 10 down the Windows 7/8.1 user throat it seems. If you haven’t already updated your computer to Windows 10, then prepare yourself for more aggressive update notifications that no longer give you the ability to opt-out.

Many users have reported that they are being barraged with incessant popups that inform them their Windows 10 upgrade will be installed in one hour. Earlier, Windows 7/8.1 users could opt-out of such process but now there is no longer an option to opt-out of upgrading altogether, ZDNet reports.

Microsoft forces Windows 10 down you throat with mandatory update

The fact that Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10 come whatever may is not lost when not even GWX Control Panel, a third-party tool that lets you manage or sidestep such updates, is not able to do so according to the app’s creator, Josh Mayfield.

“If you are seeing either of the above two screens, exactly as they appear here, GWX Control Panel is not yet able to help you,” writes Mayfield, “although I am looking into whether it’s possible to fix these things through software. I do not have any recommendations at the moment, though, unfortunately.”

We had reported back in September that Microsoft was forcing Windows 7/8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 and also issued a patch that was snooping on Windows 7/8.1 users. The update which is bulky 6GB in size, was being downloaded to users computers even when some users had preferred to stick with Windows 7/8.1 in view of the snooping fears associated with Windows 10.

With the latest forced notifications, it seems Microsoft is hell bent on making Windows 10 the operating system of all Windows users against their wishes.


  1. I opted completely out. On 01/29/2016 I bought a 21.5″ late 2015 4k retina screen iMac. I’ve moved everything to the mac and I could not be happier. Six month earlier, I installed Linux Mint 17.2 (later upgraded to 17.3) on several of our computers and that helped me decide to part with Microsoft. And that’s after a 40 year run from MSDOS to Windows 7. Enough is enough.


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