Developer hacks Apple TV 4 to run Safari Web Browser

You can now run Safari Web Browser on Apple TV 4 thanks to tvOS Hack

In the mega launch on 12th September, Apple put forward its fourth-gen Apple TV. The new TV has an entirely novel App Store and more efficient processors. However it has been panned by Apple fanboys for absence of Safari. Sadly upto now Apple has officially not allowed any third-party developers to make their own.

But Dutch developer jvanakker has some other ideas. He has unofficially built his own tvOS web browser. The new browser will bring the web to screen through Apple TV. Although there have been many cases of different hardware to browse the web, but for Apple it is the first time.

jvanakker has hacked the new Apple TV to run a native tvOS web browser using a private API based on Apple’s UIWebView class. The code has been shared on GitHub as a fork of developer Steven Troughton-Smith’s tvOSBrowser project.

jvanakker’s tvOS web browser lets you to scroll through pages with the Siri Remote. By pressing the center of the touch surface brings you can bring up a cursor for clicking. Pressing the Menu button returns you to the previous page, while the Play/Pause button allows you to input URLs. Apple never permits Apple TV apps to have UIWebViews.

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