Future Antivirus May Catch Malware Without Needing Updates

Israeli firm working on a deep learning anti-virus that can spot malware without need to update

If you own a PC, one of the first software you need today is a anti-virus to protect you from various virus, trojans and worms. However, it is a known fact that the more the viruses, trojans and discovered by the security companies, the more faster the cyber criminals develop new ones.

In order to keep up with the latest virus definition, every anti-virus software has to update itself. In fact without these updations, the anti-virus software is a dud. For unknown or new threats they first have to be updated and that gives attackers a very brief window of opportunity to attack a computer and most of the times that’s all they need.

Security researchers have been working on ways to fix this dilemma and what they propose means that future antivirus softwares may be able to capture new malware without requiring any updates thus closing the brief window open to the cyber criminals.  Many security researchers are working on deep learning algorithms which is capable of spotting new malicious code naturally without need an update.

A similar security research company, Deep Instinct, which is a startup based in Israel, is working on such a deep-learning antivirus software. Deep Instinct claims that their anti-virus  can spot new malware with a 20 percent higher accuracy rate than the best antivirus suite available in the market right now.

The Deep Instinct AV software has not been verified by industry experts as of yet. However, if their claims are true than PC owners without Internet facilities can heave a sigh of relief for having a AV solution which works without updates.

Researchers at Microsoft and Invincea made a presentation on the benefits of deep learning detection systems for viruses and malware.  If Deep Instinct AV software is what it claims, it could be a game changer in the AV industry.


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