348,085 Europeans requested Google to remove their links from its database

The European’s seem to like their privacy very much because as per the data published by Google, 348,085  Europeans have requested the search behemoth to remove their links under the ‘right to be forgotten’.

The European Internet users have made this request after the EU court granted them the ‘right to be forgotten’ last May. Under this ruling, Google has been lawfully made responsible for removing the links of users from its database when the citizens demand.

According to the data, Google has received 348,085 requests and evaluated more than 1.2 million links for removal. Of those, it has removed 441,032 URLs. Google opted not to remove 608,169 more URLs; the rest are pending review or require additional information.

Google’s link removal only affects search results on its European sites. It was ordered by EU watchdogs as well as a French regulatory body to apply the right to be forgotten across its global sites, but Google has resisted the requests so far

You can find more information about Google’s link removal efforts, including a country wise break-up of URLs removed, on this page.