Mainstream Torrent sites block YIFY/YTS impersonators sites like

Major torrent websites warn torrent lovers that is impersonating YIFY/YTS

Ever since the demise of popular YIFY/YTS scores of YTS impersonator websites have come up much to the concern of genuine torrent lovers. Most prominent among them is which claims to be the official ressurected YIFY/YTS torrent website. Now popular pirate sites have come together to blacklist the hordes of YIFY (YTS) impersonators that have appeared after the original group was shut down by the MPAA in New Zealand.

It is also reiterated that YIFY, the movie release group, and, the website from where the group operated, are officially dead, as we previously reported here.

YIFY/YTS’s closure was sealed when the American movie maker’s association, MPAA managed to zero in on YTS leader, a young man living in suburban Auckland, in New Zealand. Once his identity was confirmed, MPAA sued for damages after which the two parties reached an out of court agreement. As per the agreement, was closed and handed over to MPAA.

However, many counterfeit YTS sites sprang up in order to cash in on YIFY/YTS popularity. Some of these are fly by scammers while others sprang up to milk on the advertising income from large number of YTS fans. Some users have reported that these fake YIFY websites spread malware and dont even have torrents hosted on them.

Among dozen of so counterfieters, is the most popular one of these so-called YIFY impersonators. In fact many of our readers suggested to us, but instead of being promoted in the pirating community like the Popcorn Time clones were, seems to be despised.

The reason for being blacklisted by major torrent websites is that people behind are the same individuals who hijacked the EZTV portal from its true owner. Major torrent redistribution portals like  ExtraTorrent, Kickass Torrents, and RARBG, have officially announced their plans to block movie releases from their databases.

The torrent community wants to make sure that the team that caused the shutdown of EZTV doesnt capitalize YIFY/YTS death as well.

If you are a torrent lover who misses out on the good quality torrents from YIFY/YTS, you are suggested to have a look at the top five YIFY/YTS alternatives suggested by us and not fall prey to the impersonator websites.


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