Can Microsoft’s Lumia 950 survive a hammer blow

See What Happens When You Hit a Lumia 950 With a Hammer?

Lumia series of smartphones are supposed to carry the Nokia legacy forward and Microsoft tried to make the Lumia 950 a monster. It has succeeded in creating a fast, lag free smartphone and also made it a rugged, tough and durable smartphone.

Unlike Android which has multiple forums and dedicated fan pages who make the drop test and other videos, Lumia 950 has been on a backfoot so far. But thanks to a video posted on YouTube by Battery Super Saver, we can finally find out whether the Lumia 950 can withstand a severe hit with a hammer or not.

While we’re not going to give you any spoilers because the video is really worth watching.

Lumia smartphone bears the hallmark of Nokia durability and ruggedness. The older Lumia’s that Nokia manufactured withstood a number tests without a hitch. We’ve seen older Lumia phones being thrown out of the bus, put in the oven, or simply smashed to the floor, but in most of these cases, these devices actually survived and they did it with style.

After watching the video one can say that the Lumia 950 is a worthy successor.


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