Evil Santa “Lizard Squad” to take down Xbox Live and PSN servers during Christmas holidays

Lizard Squad vow to take down Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers in 6 days

Every gamer on Earth will remember the disastrous Christmas holidays of 2014 when the infamous band of hackers, Lizard Squad took down both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers. Their Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against both the gaming servers was so severe that it took Microsoft and Sony a whole 10 days upto new year to recover from the attack completely.

Lizard Squad gained notoriety from the hack attack and was abused on gaming and tech forums by the gamers but it also gained publicity for its rent-a-ddos machine, Lizard Stresser. Many industry watchers noted during that time that Lizard Squad was DDoSing PSN and Xbox Live servers to market their Lizard Stresser.

Lizard Squad seems to have similar plans for Xbox Live and PlayStation gaming servers this year also.  They had tweeted a month back of their intentions to bring down the servers like last year.

Today they retweeted a tweet from AppleJ4ck, who seems to be member of the infamous band.

The tweet which indicates that both the servers will be taken offline in 6 days i.e on 25th December.


Another alleged member of Lizard Squad, Vinnie confirmed their plans.

With Phantom Squad joining the DDoS party by bringing down both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers yesterday and promising to repeat their act on Christmas day, both Microsoft and Sony should be looking to shore up their server defences against DDoS attacks.

But what may worry Microsoft and Sony more is the warning from Lizard Squad. Both the companies had borne the brunt of not taking Lizard Squad’s similar promise last year seriously. Last year, Lizard Squad had promised to take down both the gaming servers on Christmas day but Microsoft and Sony took it casually to a disastrous result which turned out to be tragic Christmas holidays for gamers.

All in all, the holidays of gamers are surely going to be messed up again this year too with both Phantom Squad and Lizard Squad have promised to take down the premier gaming servers of the world.

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