Facebook user who asked girls for their nude pics, claims that his account was hacked

Police say Facebook user who asked girls to send him nude pics later claimed that his account was hacked

A Facebook user from Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, USA, was arrested on Friday after the court records revealed that not only did he message young girls and asked them to send him nude pictures for modelling, but he also had lied that his account was hacked.

The court records also show that Michael Lees, 39, of the 800 block of Walnut Street was making use of other phone-messaging apps to try and make girls send him pictures.

Lees was accused of 25 counts of possession of child pornography, two counts of sexual abuse by contacting or communicating with a minor and one count of criminal use of a communication facility. He was charged by District Judge Ron Manescu and sent to Lehigh County Jail under $150,000 bail.

Lees’ brother is facing similar charges in Adams County. On being questioned by the police, Lees claimed that it was his brother who had hacked his account and was contacting girls on Facebook, records show. He said he doesn’t know what his brother did while on his account.

According to a criminal complaint:

The investigation began in August after the police in Bradford County of the parents of two 9-year-old girls notified agents of the Attorney General’s office. Lees pretended to be a 12-year-old boy in the messages whose father owned a modelling business and the girls could make $50,000. However, he first needed to see their pictures, in a bikini and nude.

The mother of one of the girls shared the screen shots taken of Lees’ messages on Facebook.

Later, Lees posted on Facebook that he would be deactivating his account, as it had been hacked. He also wrote that any charges about him being shared on Facebook isn’t true and someone is trying to get him “in trouble for no reason.”

“This kind of stuff can ruin anyone’s life and it did put my family and friends in danger.”

When the agents located Lees, they found out that he was also using another messaging app to try and get girls to send him photos. Lees contacted an agent who posed as a girl and asked for nude photos.

Police visited an apartment in Catasauqua where Lees was residing, but he refused to accept any illegal contact with minors. The police recovered two phones from Lees, which had 25 images pedophile images in them.