CLX Osiris 17 from CybertronPC is a gaming laptop with desktop hardware packing inside

Your PC will now move with your wherever you are, thanks to the efforts of CybertronPC

Ever wanted desktop grade hardware running inside your laptop? With CybertronPC, such a thing is definitely possible thanks to the OEM’s CLX Osiris 17 and 17x gaming laptops. Since they are packing desktop-level hardware, battery life should be the least of your worries from these 17 inch gaming giants. Both Osiris 17 and 17x can be configured to run Intel’s Skylake Core i7-6700K processor, which features an unlocked multiplier to reach their maximum overclocking potential.

The company has not specified till how far you can reach the processor’s maximum clock speed through tweaking before the processor’s temperature start to reach its thermal limit, but we guess you will have to find out by yourself.

Osiris 17x can also be configured to carry up to two NVIDIA GTX 980 GPUs in SLI, along with support for 64GB DDR4 memory sticks. With this much horsepower, both gaming laptops are only limited to 1080p, which is not so bad for a 17 inch display, but considering the hardware present underneath them, we were expecting a 1440p as a bare minimum.

In addition, consumers might be wondering if the laptop is packing such powerful hardware, how it will be able to dissipate all the heat generated. Thanks to the laptop’s thickness, along with a huge vent present at the rear side, the heat will be effectively removed.

Side by side, the company also unveiled its less powerful variants, called CLX Anubis gaming PC. These gaming laptops can pack an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, along with a single NVIDIA GTX 970M GPU.

The 15.6 inch version of the gaming laptop can be purchased with a 4K screen and currently, details remain scarce of pricing and availability. However, if the company can manage to keep the pricing competitive, then we will be able to see manufacturers like Alienware and MSI feel immense amounts of pressure.

Another drawback is that this particular gaming machine does have not have a mechanical keyboard.

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