Dark Web has its own first major news publication

ProPublica launches Dark Web’s first major new site

Everything about the Dark Web is a big taboo and deservedly so considering that it has a pretty nasty reputation. Over the years since the dark web came into being, it has been known as a favourite haunt for cyber criminals, black hat hackers, drug peddlers etc.

Investigative news publication ProPublica thinks it can correct this viewpoint in its own way. On Wednesday, ProPublica became the first known major media outlet to launch a version of its site that runs as a “hidden service” on the Tor network, the anonymity system that powers the thousands of untraceable websites that are sometimes known as the darknet or dark web.

ProPublica says that its publication can clear some of the doubts users have about the dark web, “We don’t want anyone to know that you came to us or what you read,” ProPublica‘s web developer Mike Tigas told Wired.

The publication wants to ensure that people behind repressive and heavily censored nations can read its Pulitzer-winning work are safely on the dark web without being spotted.

It seems slowly and steadily the dark web is attracting main stream media and tech companies. Even Facebook joined the dark web while many other tech companies are thinking of joining it soon.

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  1. Does it really matter? Tor is compromised anywise… Basically anymore about the only thing I trust it for is bypassing my works wifi restrictions.


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