Fitbit captures exact moment of a man’s heart break

Fitbit has been one of the most popular health band around the world that is used to track daily workout, eating habits and sleep cycles. But for Koby Soto, it had one extra feature. That is to measure the precise moment his heart broke.

Soto is a Israeli law student as well as CTO at Guesty, a Y Combinator-backed startup which he co-founded with his twin brother that helps customers manage their Airbnb properties.

One Saturday, when he was about to take a break from studying to “chill out” with his boyfriend when he received an unexpected call. Out of the blue, his boyfriend said he was calling it quits. This was a great shock for Soto who was under the impression that he and his boyfriend were going great and their relation was “pretty intense.” Apparently Soto’s boyfriend had other ideas.

Anyways, coming back to Soto, he was is a state of shock. He tried to focus on other things and spent the rest of the day trying to forget the whole thing. It wasn’t until he was tossing and turning in bed that night trying to sleep, his heart rate noticeably heightened in his emotional state, that he turned to his Fitbit app on a whim.

What he saw stunned him: There, in vivid color, was his breakup tracked through his heart-rate monitor.

The breakup call came in around 12.30 pm and the graph captured Soto’s heartbreak moment perfectly. It showed that after he had received the call his heart beats per minute jumped up from 72 to 88. It then remained elevated for the rest of the day, peaking at 118.

Soto immediately decided to share it among his friends at Hacker News, “I put it up on Hacker News because I thought geeks would think it was interesting,” he told CNN. “I thought 20 people might like it.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting to break the internet, I mean seriously, it’s everywhere.”

The response that his tweet and his post got overwhelmed him. One user replied offering to date him instead. Another pointed out that at least he wouldn’t have to go to the gym that day. Countless more sent messages of support, virtual hugs and positive tips for moving on. Even Fitbit joined the party!

Seeing Soto’s tweet, many other who had faced similar situation came out in the open with their own heartbreak moment.

Soto may be nursing his broken heart back but one thing is certain, Fitbit got a lot of free press due to his heartbreak!