This is what happens when you boil an iPhone 6s with lot of crayons

Watch this iPhone 6s Boiling in Hot Blue Wax

iPhones have been subjected to various kinds of tests by fanboys. They have been dropped from unseeming heights, they have been shot at and they have been boiled in steaming water. And when Apple claims that its iPhone 6s is the strongest iPhone it has ever made, some these nerds might have a objection. TechRax had a big objection!

YouTuber,TechRax has decided to go one step further and find something that could really put an iPhone 6s to ‘real’ test. He devised a very hot, boiling, and melting kind of test. What he did was to take a brand new 16GB iPhone 6s and decided to boil it in a pan full of blue wax from a bunch of crayons.

Such tests arent for the faint hearted or thrifty kind,  as TechRax puts it, “please, don’t EVER try something like this. If you thought the Coca-Cola accident was crazy, crayons took it to another level.”

Apple has been claiming that iPhone 6s is a strong phone “The iPhone 6s enclosure is made from the same grade of aluminum used in the aerospace industry. It’s created from a unique composition of elements that make it the strongest alloy we’ve ever used in an iPhone,” the company says.

However, boiling wax seems to be too good even for a super strong iPhone 6s!


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