This video shows how awesome iPhone 6 camera is

Apple has been crying hoarse that its cameras mounted on iPhone devices are best in the market but there was no way to prove it. A iPhone user has sought to make a statement of the iPhone 6 camera with a spectacular video.

A new video by Nicolas Vuignier, who used his iPhone 6 to shoot a spectacular bullet-time-style video of him skiing down a mountain. Vuignier attached the device to the end of a rope, and swung it around to create the effect.

The video turned out perfectly well with the slow motion feature providing the best effect. Vuignier said this experiment took him two years to perfect, and his patience very clearly paid off.

It’s unclear how Vuignier managed to mount his iPhone 6 so it stays affixed on him, though he says a “making of” video is on the way.

Though the same results could be achieved using any of Samsung or LG’s Android smartphones, Vuignier said that he thought iPhone’s camera was just made for the video.


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