BearTek Gen II smart gloves are wearable wireless remote controls

BearTek’s Next Generation Smart Gloves Gives More Wireless Device Control

Blue Infusion Technologies had first introduced its smartphone-friendly BearTek gloves for wireless control of a paired phone and/or GoPro camera. While these gloves were not required to be taken off to tap on your screen, they were however of very little use if wet.

That’s where the new and improved BearTek Gen II smart gloves enters offering additional features. By just using simple finger movements, this pair of ordinary looking gloves can remotely control your smartphone. The user has to simply touch spots on the gloves to trigger specific actions rather than touching the phone itself.

This is BearTek’s second generation lineup, and it comes in different styles for different users. Depending on the models, connectivity is over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Using the Bluetooth module, users can answer calls, shuttle through music, or perform other actions on their phone. With the Wi-Fi module, they can start and stop recording on a GoPro, or change shooting modes. The gloves can also be used with touchscreens.

Using one’s thumb, touch points placed on the glove’s fingers can be tapped allowing for one-handed operation. Besides iPhones and Android smartphones, the gloves can also be used to control GoPro cameras, allowing wearers to trigger a recording with very little trouble.

Further, among the new features on the BearTek II is the ability to switch between full Bluetooth/phone and Wi-Fi/camera modes via an iOS/Android app. This means that all six touchpoints control the phone in the first mode, and they all control the camera in the second. With that added functionality in mind, wearers can also now assign functions to each point, instead of having to go with whatever has been pre-programmed by Blue Infusion.

The water-resistant gloves also now feature haptic feedback, for instance, vibrating when a call comes in. Additionally, third-party designers can create devices or apps that are compatible with the system with the help of a developer kit is being released, so that.

The first version of the smart gloves has a battery life of around 80 hours, and the second version is expected to be even better this time around.

To help promote the BearTek’s newest generation of smart gloves, BearTek launched an Indigogo campaign where they are looking to raise $40,000 for BearTek II. Till now, they have raised more than $31,000 USD with still a month to go. Those who are interested can back the device for US$99, which include an early bird unit at 56% off retail. The planned retail price is $225. The smart gloves are expected to start shipping this upcoming November.

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