Get the most out of your iPhone with these 9 hidden features

These 9 hidden iPhone features will get the most out of your smartphone

iPhones have a variety of complex and advanced functionalities and its use has always left the users delighted because of its smooth and simple user experience. However, it is sadly underutilized even by the most savvy iPhone owners who are not aware of the great functionality that is hiding inside the iPhone.

In order to make users more aware of the hidden iPhone features, our previous article compiled 25 hidden iPhone features that are really, truly hidden. To these hidden features, we bring you more 10 hidden tricks that will enable you to get the most out of your iPhone. While many of them apply mainly to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, there are a few though that apply to all iPhones.

Let’s have a look at those 9 hidden features:

1. Speed up your iPhone

Even though your iPhone is pretty much smooth in performance, you can make more even faster if you do away with some of the fancy transition animations that toggle you from one screen to the next. In the Settings app, go to General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and slide the toggle to the off position.

2. Fast replies to messages

There are times when you need to reply to a message quickly and simply. In the main message list view in the Messages app, 3D Touch on a conversation to open a Peek, then slide your finger up the screen to disclose a couple of fast response choices.

3. Faster way to share photos

You need to firmly press on a photo or video in any album in the Photos app, to peek at it. Then swipe up and you will see an option to share it.

4. Open the app switcher

While on any screen you need to firmly press on the left edge of the display and the app switcher will open right away.

5. Talk to me, iPhone

Open the Settings app and go to General > Accessibility > Speech and enable “Speak Selection.” Now, when you select any text on your phone, a “Speak” button will appear. Tap it and your iPhone will read the selection to you.

6. Talk to me more, iPhone

On that same screen in General > Accessibility > Speech, slide the toggle next to “Speak Screen” to ‘ON’. While on any screen swipe down with two fingers and your iPhone will read every word on the screen aloud.

Change 3D Touch Sensitivity: If you press 3D Touch gestures too hard, it might take a toll on your iPhone. In the Settings app, go to General > Accessibility > 3D Touch and move the slider under 3D Touch Sensitivity to Light.

7. Never lose your car again

Forgotten where you have parked your car? Not anymore. You can locate your parked car by using a simple two-tap shortcut. Firmly press on the Maps icon on your home screen and you will get a 3D Touch Quick Actions menu. Then tap “Mark My Location.”

8. Take me home, iPhone

The same Quick Actions menu on the Maps icon includes a “Directions Home” option. Tap it and you will be navigating home in no time from wherever you are.

9. Start your stopwatch in two taps

You will see an option to start the stopwatch when you 3D Touch the Clock app’s icon. Tap it and the phone will start timing straightaway.


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