Instagram users can switch between multiple accounts

Instagram finally allows users to swtich multiple accounts on iOS and Android

Facebook-owned Instagram said on Monday afternoon that the next version of its app, to be released later this week for Android and iOS, will have a new feature that will allow the user to quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram without having to log in or out. This official announcement comes just weeks after some Android and iOS users started seeing the feature in their apps.

Originally, Instagram began testing multi-account logins on Android last year. However, it appears that the feature is starting to be made available more broadly. “We are always testing new features within our community,” an Instagram spokesperson told Tech Insider.

This feature is especially convenient for those users who run a personal account for family and friends as well as a business account for, well, business-type stuff. Without having to log out, the users can login to each account every time they want to browse or post new content.

Users can simply go to profile settings to add an additional account, and can switch between accounts by tapping on their username in their profile. Once multiple accounts have been added, the users can see their profile photo appear in places throughout the app, which will indicate the current Instagram account they are using at the moment. Further, if multiple accounts are logged in, Instagram’s notifications will tell the user, which account receives likes and comments.

The app will support up to five different accounts at a time. Account switching will be available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android.

To learn more, check out the Instagram Help Center.

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