Twitter to soon get Facebook style timeline with tweets no longer in chronological order

Twitter to become more like Facebook, and Twitter users are upset

Buzzfeed report today indicated that Twitter may switch soon to an “algorithmic” method of displaying tweets by relevance, instead of the current way of showing them in reverse-chronological order, like a backwards timeline. This will in effect make Twitter more like Facebook and display tweets based on guesses or algo instead of the first come first serve tweets being served now.

The Buzzfeed report has not been confirmed by Twitter as of yet. Also no other media has reported the story apart from Buzzfeed so there is no confirmation whether this will actually happen but the Twitter users have take umbrage at the news.

What better method than to protest against Twitter than using Twitter itself. Furious twitterati have been trending  #RIPtwitter, ever since the report became public.

Here are some of the best tweets from the upset users

If you too dont want Twitter to become like Facebook, kindly join the protest on Twitter here.

Update # Twitter has said that there are no plans as of yet to move to a algorithm based Tweet feed. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey sought to squash rumours of a Facebook-like feed arriving next week. It was “never planned,” he says. In fact, Dorsey adds that the company hopes to make Twitter “feel more, not less, live” — he knows full well that you want that steady stream of updates.

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