Facebook bans artist behind Donald Trump 'babydick' pic post

Facebook bans artist for posting a painting of Donald Trump with a ‘baby dick’

Facebook has banned the artist who posted a picture of Donald Trump with a baby dick. The issue was reported by Motherboard which stated that Los Angeles-based artist Illma Gore had posted an image of Donald Trump on a feminist Facebook group on February 10th. The image quickly got viral and was shared by users across other social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Gore has posted a censored version of the image on Facebook which had a black bar over Trump’s private parts. However, Facebook considered even the censored image as offensive based on social network’s controversial policy on nude or pornographic images, and banned Gore.

Motherboard states that Gore has been banned by Facebook after removing her suspensions thrice. Gore used the unsuspended time to report the image, which she says she’s doing to “rebuke censorship.” Gore’s artist page is still accessible as of now.

Facebook has been pretty strict on anything to do with nudity. It has been criticised for aggressively policing nudity on its platform in the past, with some arguing that the company acts quicker to censor works of art than it does anti-refugee hate speech.

Gore told Motherboard that she asked Facebook for an explanation as to why her account was once again blocked on Monday.

Ironically, the same image is not being blocked on Instagram, which is Facebook owned. Gore also listed an uncensored version of the painting on EBay, where the auction reached at least $1,300. Ebay has since removed the listing page.

Gore has stated that a member of Trump’s campaign threatened legal action unless she removed the work, though she hasn’t backed down, making a version of it available for download on her website.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.