Get Pokemon or Donald Trump as your emoji instead of Facebook reactions

Dont like the new Facebook Reactions? Here is how you can replace them with Pokémon and Donald Trump emoji

Ever since Facebook unveiled its new reaction buttons instead of the default like, user opinions have been divided over the new feature. The social networking giant had on February 25 introduced five new expressions of ‘love’, ‘haha’, ‘wow’, ‘sad’, and ‘angry’ to its Like button, which users can click while responding to a post.

Some of you may not like the default emoji’s provided by Facebook as reactions. We have already explained here, how you can change the language to Pirate. Now a developer has come with even more interesting solution to change the six emoji’s into something you really like.

Developer Rodney Folz has come out with a new Firefox and Google Chrome browser extension called Reaction Packs that gives you option to make over the standard emojis into something you like. The extension lets you swap out Facebook’s built-in emoji with sets of custom reactions, including sets of Pokémon, Donald Trump and even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau-themed emoji.









You can head over here and select the reaction emojis you want.

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