iPhone fingerprint sensor easily hacked with a finger made of Play-Doh (video)

Many smartphone makers including Apple swear by fingerprint technology as ultimate protection against hackers. A sensor manufacturer from China has demonstrated just how easy it is to fool a smartphone fingerprint sensor. The  Chinese start-up used the MWC 2016 platform to demonstrate that it could unlock an Apple iPhone via the fingerprint sensor using Play-Doh.

President of mobile security firm Vkansee, Jason Chaikin, created a mold of his fingerprint. He then took the modeling clay Play-Doh, pressed it on to the mold and created a replica. Chaikin touched the Play-Doh on an iPhone’s fingerprint scanner and the device easily gave Chaikin access.

The hack demonstrated by Chaikin would not be practical for cyber criminals but it demonstrates how easily little ingenuity could trick the sensors. Chaikin demonstration also highlights the lack of sophistication in today’s biometric solutions, not just on iPhones, but on other smartphones and devices too.