Pornhub turns Cornhub, pulls the corniest of April Fool's prank

Pornhub’s ultimate April Fool’s prank is serving you with corncobs

Visitors to Pornhub are in for a surprise today. The world’s premium sex website is ringing April Fools Day by making a pretty drastic change to its homepage, replacing the hot and voluptuous images with photos of delicious corn.

Pornhub will be known as Cornhub for today and has replaced blow**** with corn on the cobs, and porn with sweetcorn.

The website continues with the cornhub theme by featuring tantalizing videos with titles such as ‘Hot young corn gets plowed’ and ‘First time kernel popping.’ If you thought that this was something new from Pornhub, you have been fooled because clicking the thumbnails unfortunately takes you to the regular ol’ porn site.

you could log onto Pornhub at work and potentially not get fired, clicking anywhere on the page will redirect you to the regular site, so it’s heavily advisable that you don’t take a look for yourself.