Alphabet and Google’s Schmidt confesses that he owns an iPhone 6s

Ex-Google CEO & current Alphabat boss Schmidt Says, I use an iPhone 6s, but the Galaxy S7 is better and iPhone users know it

Alphabet Executive Chairman and Google ex-boss, Eric Schmidt, during a “fireside” chat with CNBC at Startup Fest in Amsterdam acknowledged while he does use an iPhone 6s, he also has a Galaxy S7 and actually thinks that it is an overall better device than Apple’s iPhone.

The crowd at Startup Fest were asked to raise their hands if they use an iPhone and to the shock of Schmidt, the majority of the room raised their hand. “So much for the Android monopoly in Europe,” the Google executive joked.

Schmidt was caught taken pictures with an iPhone on a trip to South Korea in March. However, he has now openly confessed that he uses the device.

“Samsung S7 is better. It has a better battery. And those of you who are iPhone users (know) I’m right,” Schmidt said.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook who was also speaking to this conference, said “I can find no evidence that he revealed he admitted to having a Samsung Galaxy. Or a flip phone, for that matter.”

Apple and Google at the top are in a back-and-forth fight to be the number one of the corporate world.

While there is no clarity as to which of the two Silicon Valley giants will emerge as the winner in a contest that points at the dissimilarity of very different business models.

The two companies have a virtual duopoly on the smartphone market, where Google provides only the free Android software for handsets, including many made by low-cost manufacturers, while Apple makes its own hardware and software.

While there are many who point out that Schmidt must be using an iPhone just to keep a close watch on the competition, on the other hand, Google’s mobile apps are available on both iPhone and Android, with iOS versions sometimes getting privileged treatment over their Android counterparts. So, what’s the reason behind Schmidt using iPhone 6s? Any guesses?

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