Here is how you can make a call to anyone without an Internet

The explosion of web and mobile platforms has changed the way we communicate forever and has taught us to expect instantaneous and limitless conversations with our contacts for free. Beyond that, we have become addicted to never ending group conversations with our closest friends and contacts.

But what about calls? Sure there are apps like Skype or Viber, but you’re limited to free calls over VoIP, which is still unreliable and finicky. If you want to make a call to someone’s cell phone than you need a paid option, like Skype out. Also, this doesn’t even account for group calls, which is still an annoying process to setup and can cost money if you want it to work properly.

However, one app is stepping in with the goal of making calling completely free and easy. Meucci, is a new app that provides not only free VoIP calls to other Meucci users, but also to any GSM number all around the world. Oh, and groups, yeah that’s free too. You can add as many participants to the call as you like – even if they’re not Meucci users! There are no limits with Meucci.

The company states that in today’s market, users expect calling to be free just like messaging and other services. Beyond that, Meucci is trying to bring the experience of group messaging, ushered in by apps like WhatsApp, to group calling.

So on Meucci, all you have to do is set up a group, tap one button, and the app will connect with everyone on the call – whether they have the app or not. This level of simplicity may be the difference it takes for group calls to really take off.

Here is how you can make a call to anyone without an Internet

Meucci is a solid solution for anyone facing poor cellular data performance. The app deals with this by automatically switching between GSM and VoIP depending on the circumstances. So if one party is suffering for a poor data connection, Meucci will automatically migrate that call over to a more reliable connection.

“Today, group calling is plagued by drop calls, people speaking over each other, and a bunch of other problems,” said Rubi Kizner, CEO of Meucci. “It’s not uncommon for friends, families, and business partners to be spread out all over the world and finding the right time and proper calling platform is already hard enough. We want to combat and solve this problem so distance has no meaning and you don’t have to think, just call.”

We have enough things to worry about in life. Meucci wants to make life simple for people to communicate. Try it for yourself on iOS and Android.