Hamza Bendelladj: The Algerian hacker who is idolized by millions of Algerians

If you have been following the SpyEye trojan indictment report earlier, you would have probably heard of Hamza Bendelladj. You would be wondering why this hacker who has been sentenced to 15 years by a US court is so popular on social media and well as tech forums.

Hamza Bendelladj is a version of modern day online Robin Hood and is hero-worshipped in his home country Algeria.

Is Hamza Bendelladj hanged till death?

No, Hamza was not executed. In fact, the video being circulated on social media claiming to show Hamza being hanged is not even his but that of an Activist Majid Kavousifar. Bendelladj was not given a death penalty and will only have to serve 15 years in prison.

How did Rumors about Hamza’s execution spread?

The Algerians and hackers from the Middle-Eastern region view him as their idol whom they seek to emulate. Hamza reportedly used his SpyEye trojan to milk money from people from the west to give the same to Palestinian charities closer home.

More so because somebody on social media spread the rumor that Hamza bendelladj was handed over death sentence by the US court.

Hamza Bendelladj is a legend in Algeria, a country which is also going through turbulent times politically. Hamza who operated with the code name is ” BX1 ” 1  and was dubbed the ” smiling Hacker “, born in 1988, from Tizi-Ouzou in Algeria.

According to the people who knew him, Hamza could speak 5 foreign languages and was proficient in coding, a career option available to only the elite Algerian class.

Who is Hamza Bendelladj aka The Smiling Hacker?

The above image was taken when Hamza was taken in custody in Bangkok. The image is the reason Hamza is called The Smiling Hacker.

Hamza may be a much-loved figure from Algerians and Middle-Eastern hackers but for the West, he was nothing less than a criminal who was on the list of FBI’s most wanted cyber criminals.

He and his friend, Aleksandr Andreevich Panin aka ‘Gribodemon’ and ‘Harderman’ were responsible for losses of over $20 million to Western banks through their SpyEye trojan.

In 2013, Hamza was arrested in Thailand and was later deported to the United States after which he was charged with twenty-three different crimes  from 2009 to 2011, including several bank wire frauds, computer frauds, and abuse schemes.

According to the indictment document released by the United States Department of Justice dated June 26th, 2013, SpyEye, a malware and phishing toolkit was specifically designed for the theft of confidential private data as well as financial credentials of the targeted victim.

Panin and Hamza operated their cyber crimeware empire from Russia since 2009. He and Hamza used to sell  “SpyEye” online for $1000 to $10,000. According to authorities, Hamza and Panin sold this blockbuster malware to more than 150 Cyber criminals. One of their clients is believed to have stolen $3.2 million during a 6 month period using “SpyEye“ malware.

Hamza pleaded guilty June 2015 to all the charges. Humza accepted that he transmitted more than one million spam emails containing strains of SpyEye and related software to computers in the United States, resulting in hundreds of thousands of computers getting infected.

Hamza’s Sentencing-

Hamza Bendelladj who is just 27 years old will get to spend 15 years in a US Penitentiary for the financial crimes he and Panin committed. He was not given any death penalty as circulated in social media.

Despite his admission of guilt, Hamza’s supporters continue to hack various websites across the world, including, of late, Air France and a Virginia-based university, calling for his release using the hashtags #FreeHamzaBendellaj and #FreePalestine.


  1. Now they say it was just a rumour -his death sentance! How is it a rumour tho when I sow photos in international media of him getting hanged (abroad? )with a smile on his face while people cheered for him? photoshop? like are they gonna deny his death or existance over all? now they say it was all an urband legend when you google it, that he never robbed no one prior his arrest; that he never existed even. Like Kay Griggs. So..if google is what we like.. google is what we get; next is the intercept and wiki! Thank you kind people of the government for protecting us from ourselfs; we clearly don’t know what we wish for!

  2. How do americans describes this ?
    Hanging a man to death for stealing ?
    Is it what’s in your Bible ?
    I describe it as barbaric too.
    Americans can suck ma cock…
    May Allah judge us all

  3. Inshallah we are training our apprentices to carry out a massive hack on the rothschuld banks. We have partnered up with the Anonymous on this one. 6th December 2017 is the day of loss for the zionists

  4. I never heard of a poor African or Palestinian receiving money from any hamza. Maybe instead of “donations” was a criminal monitarization by this hamza, for organizations how to teach children to kill, such as ISIS, etc.

  5. ye its always isis GEORGE … you guys know only Isis when it comes to muslim ppl -.- …he did send alot of many to Palestine .. its not a rumor but i don’t think the us government will let this hamza treasure go to waste , I bet he is working in the CIA now and his name now is ken adams xD ” pure american “


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