Start your coding career by learning basics of four programming languages says Python expert

Everyone today wants to be a programmer and land a top job in the best tech firms of the world. However choosing the right language to learn coding is very important as it may make or break you as a programmer. With so many languages dotting the coding horizon and all seemingly good, it becomes hard for a wannabe programmer to choose the right language to kickstart his/her coding career.

Zed A. Shaw has a perfect answer for you. The Learn Python The Hard Way author Shaw has a suggestion: Learn the basics of four programming languages.

Shaw describes in detail the difference between beginner coders and early coders. Beginners have zero experience, so they will need to learn the really simple stuff like opening the terminal — things that other programmers might take for granted and assume people already know. Early coders, on the other hand, have a bit of experience already and the basic skills down, and just need more training, particularly with problem solving.

To get the basic coding skills to go from beginner to early programmer, Shaw recommends learning four different languages:

My current method for training up beginners is to make them learn the basics of 4 programming languages. I’m not sure why 4 seems to be the magic number, but after they have gone through 4 programming books and learned to make tiny little programs plus all the syntax, they seem to have a firm grasp of the basics. This phase is all about learning concrete simple things, but also understanding the idea that the concrete things are just standing in for abstract concepts. In one language || (two pipe symbols) might mean “or” and another language will use the actual word “or” but this is the same concept and the symbol doesn’t matter. After their fourth language they get this and can then move on to being an early coder.

While most of the coders would love to start with a single language they fancy, learning four sounds a awful lot for a beginner. But Shaw’s explanation is hard hitting as the idea is to broaden your perspective and understanding of programming and the basics down.

That all boils down to choosing the first one to learn. You can refer this article to get going with coding.

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