From conference calls to interviews, or simply checking in with your family, one app has you covered… literally

With the world going digital, it’s becoming more and more important to always look your best since you never know who or when someone is going to Facetime you. While sometimes it’s easy to get away with looking casual, no one wants to come off lazy or sloppy to a potential employer or a new love interest.

There is only so much you can do to be in the right place at the right time, but life doesn’t follow the rules of time or individual agendas. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter that you ironed your shirt or went out of your way to make sure your tie matches, when the open window behind you completely washes you out.

To make matters worse, the options already out there eat through data plans the way PacMan devours pellets. These high data usage applications pass themselves off as harmless fun until the email alert comes in to inform you of a data overage and you anxiously await the arrival of the phone bill to assess the damage.

One attempt at tackling those unexpected curveballs life throws in the way is ChatGame, is a free mobile  application on iOS and Android determined to make sure the digital world only sees the most beautiful version of its users. Using enhanced, real-time facial beautification features, ChatGame covers up imperfections to make sure users look flawless in every video chat.

With an array of backgrounds to choose from, users are able to customize and create their own setting. So instead of sitting on your bed surrounded by the mess that you live in and dirty laundry you didn’t have time to watch, you can be in the desert at dusk or in a tree in the jungle. In addition, there are a variety of avatars users can choose from to frame their face, creating a new world for video calls. You can share the love with up to 500 friends in a group chat, or up to six on the video calls.

With all the options of backgrounds, avatars, group chats, disappearing video messages, and various beautification  filters to ensure the best video possible, ChatGame would seem like a total battery drainer. What makes them stand out is that they use a whopping 60% less energy than some of the other available video chat options.

“We wanted to build an app that would transform how people experience video calls,” said ChatGame CEO, Will Shaw. “ChatGame is a fun and engaging way for friends and family to connect with each other, which encourages them to utilize video chats without giving a second thought to their surroundings.“

The digital world continues to shift into a virtual one, more so with the emergence of AR and VR. As these immersive experiences develop there will be more and more video in out future. We all may need a little help at times looking our best. Technology will continue to help us be our best self with just the click of a button. That doesn’t sound so bad to me.


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