Turn Your Smartphone Into a Lab Full of Sensors with Google's Science Journal App

Google’s New Science Journal App Turns Your Android Smartphone Into a Lab Full of Sensors

Looks like tech firms, big and small, are all turning their eyes to academics. Yesterday we had reported an math App called Mathpix that can solve equations just by pointing the smartphone at the math problem and today bring a full fledged App from Google for science.

Google’s new Science Journal app is just the kind of app students might need in science classes. But if you’re an aspiring scientist, the free app will turn an Android smartphone or tablet into laboratory full of experiments by grabbing data from the device’s various sound, light, and motion sensors.

Science Journal app is essentially a data logger tool that can record measurements taken by the device’s built-in microphone, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, or external sensors connected over Bluetooth to expand its capabilities.

What makes Science Journal App a must have science students is that it lets you record data over time. Once such data is saved, it can be collated, plotted on a graph for easier visual analysis, annotated with notes and photos of a given experiment, and compared against other measurements taken at a different time.

This is especially made to order for students who want to monitor their projects over a period of time. For the non interested kind, the Science Journal App will spark an interest in science, showing kids that a smartphone isn’t all about games, Facebook and Snapchat.

You can download the Science Journal App from Google Play Store here.


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