Why and how to access important technical insights regarding your log data

Most businesses these days have a portion of their operations functioning online and in the cloud. One of the major issues with this, however, is that a tiny mistake in the technological configuration can cause serious bugs, impacting the company’s bottom line.

One way to prevent these mistakes is by analyzing log events.  A log event is what is recorded every time a technological action occurs. For instance, clicking ‘send’ on an email is a log event, as is opening up your web browser. As you can imagine, this means there can be (and often are) millions or billions of log events recorded in a single day, especially with large-scale enterprises.

Of course, it’s impossible for one person to go through billions of events every day in order to figure out where a bug may be coming from, which is why there are programs that IT and back-end managers can use to sift through all the noise in order to obtain important insights. However, this then leads to another question – which log analytics platform is best for your company?

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for open source solutions. This is because open source is much more collaborative and users can gain incredibly important insights from all over. On the other hand, though, open source solutions can be difficult for companies to set up and maintain, which is why log analytics startup, Logz.io, claims to have come up with a solution that combines the benefits of open source and the ease of proprietary platforms.

Logz.io offers the open source ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack as a service, and recently has signed with such clients as British Airways, CNN, Dyn, PlayBuzz, and many more. Since its public launch in October 2015, Logz.io has doubled its number of employees, and amassed over 700 clients.

Logz.io is a SaaS platform built on ELK, and aims to enable enterprises to leverage the open source stack in a strategic way by offering enterprise-grade features. These features include unlimited scalability, alerting role-based access, as well as unique machine learning algorithms that help identify important log events and metric data.

“We are humbled and ecstatic by how quickly people have embraced our platform,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Logz.io, Tomer Levy. “We realized there was a demand for open source log analytics, but most solutions were too difficult to install and implement. With our service, we are delivering the highest quality open source solution with the simple functionality and scalability enterprises are looking for.”

While this seems like an excellent solution for sifting through log analytics, Logz.io still does not have the ability to proactively predict when an error may occur, and is still an incredibly new company. It will be interesting to see whether Logz.io has enough staying power to keep this momentum going.