Best Pokemon Go hack ever: This might be the one

The popular augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon GO has become a rage from the time it was launched on July 6, 2016. The free game allows people to catch, train and battle their Pokemon ‘in the real world’ by walking outdoors and interacting with other users. Players can also pick up supplies at real-world landmarks that serve as ‘PokeStops’ in the game.

However, finding Pokemon can be a wearisome job, as it requires lots of walking to catch them all. Recently, a man from New York caught all 142 Pokemon roaming around in the U.S. by walking 95 miles in the process. However, not all Pokemon Go players have the time to walk nearly 100 miles.

There are some lazy players who want to escape the walking and instead opt for easy methods such as use of drones, different hacking methods and even going to the extent of purchasing accounts from eBay to help speed up their progress in the game. Similarly, the internet is already flooded with tips and tricks on how to get ahead if you want to “catch ‘em all!”

Now, for such gamers, a “cheat” exists to skip all the walking. Developers have found methods to access data in Pokemon Go to reconstruct a map of Pokemon spawn locations that tell you what kind of Pokemon are around you, and how long they are going to be available for. What started as a free project saw things progressing very quickly and has now turned into a business idea for a website. The website is stating that it would provide more dependable information than other competing services.

The name of this new service is Poke Hound, which claims to be the “ultimate live map” for Pokemon Go. Poke Hound will get you “ALL Pokemon near you,” which seemingly covers 10 to 20 times more Pokemon than PokeVision, an another site, according to its developers.

The map also shows remaining spawn times, text message notifications for when exact Pokemon would appear near you and filters that allow you to view particular Pokemon or classes of rarity. In the end, it also provides directions to navigate to any Pokemon it locates.

However, the downside to this app is that it is not free. You can do a free trial of one hour, after which you would be charged $4.99 for weekly access. In other words, you need to register for the service and log into your account to use it. While this works in any browser, this hack is exactly what you are looking for if you want to get a real edge to increase the level of your Pokemon Go game.

You can check out Poke Hound at this link and let us know if you come across any of these unbelievably rare Pokemon that have been impossible to locate.