‘Pokémon’ searches on Pornhub jump by 136 % after Pokémon Go release

People are searching nude Pokémons on Pornhub after Nintendo released Pokémon Go

After Blizzard’s Overwatch, it’s now time for Pokémons to hit the primetime on Pornhub. The NSFW industry is really gearing up for Pokémon Go after Nintendo released the runaway hit last week. According to data released by Pornhub, it saw a 136 percent increase in searches for “Pokémon”since the launch of the Pokémon Go game last week.

Nintendo is sure to laugh all its way to the bank after Pokémon Go became a sensational bestseller. In fact, it’s already the fastest app ever to reach No. 1 on the revenue charts on both iOS and Android. Nintendo has also made its stakeholders happy and richer by $7.5 billion after Pokémon Go launch.


Android and iPhone owners loved Pokémon Go and engaged with GPS-powered location-based gameplay that puts the virtual monsters into the real world using Google Maps data. But as is the custom, the adult entertainment industry is too looking to make a killing by making videos and images of Pokémons.

According to Pornhub trends, men are 62 percent more likely to search for Pokémon-related NSFW videos than women. Android smartphone owners are 51 percent more likely to search for Pokémon adult images and videos than iPhone owners according to the report. People in age group 18-to-24 are 336 percent more likely to look for what’s happening underground with Dugtrio than any other age group.

Pornhub data is collated from Google Analytics hence if you have been doing Pokémon NSFW searches on the sly, you are cool. Finally, Pornhub revealed the countries with the most searches for the Pokémon NSFW images. It looks like South Americans are by far the horniest of the lot. Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, and El Salvador make up the top 5. It is worth noting that all Latin American countries are in the top Pornhub-Pokémon searches.