Seagate launches multiple 10TB hard drives for consumer, professional product lines

Seagate today announced the world’s largest capacity consumer hard drive for desktop users by introducing a new portfolio of 10TB high capacity hard drives.

Firstly, the BarraCuda Pro drives are 3.5-inch products available in up to 10TB. The BarraCuda Pro offers a 220MB/s sustained transfer rate, 300TB/year write limit (in 24×7 operation). It also combines 10TB at 7200 RPM for outstanding performance, and includes power-saving features to help keep drive operating costs low, as well as a 5-year limited warranty.

The BarraCuda Pro 10TB drive is not based on Shingled Magnetic Recording, and it doesn’t appear to use helium, either. It uses Conventional Magnetic Recording, which means it won’t suffer a performance failure when writing data. Also, the conventional BarraCuda Pro drives do not include any NAND flash and its DRAM caches (now up to 256MB on the 10TB drives) have been increased to keep pace with growing storage capacities.

During seek, the drive consumes just 6.8 watts and during idle 4.5 watts, which actually makes it very low-power by hard drive standards, according to Seagate. The new 10TB Barracuda Pro has a list price of $534.99.

Seagate also announced two other 10TB models that cost less but aren’t targeted toward desktop performance: The 10TB IronWolf is for NAS (network attached storage) applications costing $469.99, and the 10TB SkyHawk drive for video-surveillance use listed at $459.99. Both the models are expected to come with three-year warranties. Further, BarraCuda Pro, IronWolf and SkyHawk will be available with only SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) interfaces.