Top Working KickassTorrents Proxy, Mirrors and Alternatives

KickassTorrents is dead, here are the top working mirror, proxy and alternatives available

KickassTorrents has been shut down by the US government with its alleged owner Artem Vaulin being arrested in Poland. All official Kickass domains (including,,,,, and have been shut down and most of them carry a seizure notice by the Department of Homeland Security.

Shortly after the KAT’s demise the search for working KickassTorrents proxy and mirror has spiked up on Google with other searches including results for the KickassTorrents alternatives and KickassTorrents new domains.

Looking up at readers demand and request of our followers we have summed up a list of top most popular KickassTorrents working proxies, mirror websites, and alternatives.

KickassTorrents Proxy Websites and Mirrors (Not being updated)

  4. (Allegedly operating as an unofficial working mirror of the KickassTorrents from a member of IsoHunt team)

Note: Most of the proxy and mirror sites for KickassTorrents are not being updated as they follow the main KickassTorrents website which has been down since the seize and desist notice.

KickassTorrents Proxy websites and mirror websites, working clones (being updated)

Since KickassTorrents proxy websites and mirror carry the old Kickass script and are not being updated as KAT is already shut down, a few new clones have managed to take the place of KickassTorrents and these websites are regularly being updated and moderated with fresh torrents.


Note: These mirrors and clones are no way associated with the original KickassTorrents.

Top 3 Most Popular Alternatives To KickassTorrents

While various KAT mirrors, proxy and clones are already trying to take its place, the torrent community still prefer to go for an alternative that can be trusted with, since many believing these new KickassTorrents clones can be a honeytrap from the law enforcement agencies or even can’t be trusted with the adverts on them.

Below are the top 3 torrent websites that have emerged as the best alternatives to KickassTorrents and have been around for years.

  1. Torrentz : Torrentz is a meta-search engine for BitTorrent which provides search results for a torrent from various major torrent websites.
  2. The Pirate Bay : Hydra as it is popularly known as, is currently operating with its original .org domain.
  3. ExtraTorrent : The last in our list is ExtraTorrent with its powerful category wise listing of torrents content giving it more reason to be chosen as an alternative to KickassTorrents.

Above list only carries top 3 torrent websites that are currently getting most of the traffic from the torrent lovers looking for alternatives to KAT. You can also read top 5 most popular alternatives to KickassTorrents


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