Here some awesome accessories for your Apple Watch

Along with the highly anticipated release of almost every smart device that comes our way these days it now seems perfectly acceptable for endless innovative accessories to be thrown out into the market at the same time. And it appears that 2015’s release of the Apple Watch was to be no different. Now there is a rich selection of add-ons and accessories readily available for all owners of this great new market leading smartwatch.


There’s nothing worse than slipping off your shiny brand new watch only to sling it across a table and end up with some unwanted scratches on the surface. Thankfully there are plenty of much better places to pop your watch when it’s not on your wrist, including that of the Native Union Docking station. It’s the perfect place to leave your device to charge and you can even choose to position it either vertically or horizontally as required. It comes complete with a magnetic charging cable and looks neat and slick enough to sit wherever is most convenient for the owner.


Another suitably protective accessory you can pick up to help protect your Apple Watch particularly on your travels is the American leather-made Pad and Quill Roll Up Kit. This lightweight pouch offers the perfect place for your watch and other accessories, such as the charging cable and an additional strap, to sit when you’re on the move. Its soft linen interior will ensure that your device won’t get scratched up.

CASETIFY, £43.73

Red Flush Casino’s Apple Watch accessories shows a lot of useful add-ons that device owners will benefit from. Of course there are also plenty of great eye-catching aesthetical accessories out there for you to pick from, much like Casetify’s special customisable Apple Watch straps. On those occasions where you might want something a little more customised you can use the Casetify website or app to pick any photo of your choice and create your very own unique watch strap.


Much like the entire collection of Apple smartphones currently on the market there is also an impressive range of protective screen covers to make sure that unfortunate scratches and other accidental marks don’t ruin things. The smartwatch is no different and the thin and durable Zagg InvisibleShield HD screen cover is one of the best around. This transparent screen doesn’t affect the touchscreen and at the price of just £14.99 it’s a very reasonable accessory hat can even heal itself from lighter cuts and scratches.