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This Door Lock Automatically Locks Itself When You Are Browsing In Incognito Mode

This genius built an Arduino door lock that gets activated on opening an incognito window

Don’t want anyone to see the websites you visit in search history? Or are you always worried due to the looming danger of unannounced intruders? Don’t worry, the solution is simple. Use the incognito (private) window.

Mike, CEO of the Useless Duck Company, has created an automatic door lock known as the Incognito Lock, which promptly stops anyone accessing a room whenever a private browser or activate browser incognito mode is opened. The gadget works via an Arduino-powered door bolt that locks itself whenever you start browsing privately in Google Chrome.

To create the incognito lock, Mike connected his PC up to an Arduino Uno that’s connected to a servo-controlled lock. A self-written program then checks all the browsers running on the PC, and if it finds one in incognito mode, it sends a signal to the Arduino to bolt the door.

Mike says it’s intended to protect husbands shopping for their wives’ Christmas presents. “Let’s face it guys! Sometimes when you’re on your computer, you’re doing something that you don’t want your wife to see… like shopping for her Christmas presents. […] But what if she bursts into the room while you were … shopping? ” he says.

This invention gives husband the chance to browse for presents without having to worry about getting caught in the act of… caring.

Some of Mike’s other “creative” inventions include an automatic toilet paper cutter, a sock removal robot, a hat tipping gadget, a wireless baby crib, and more.

Below is Mike’s demonstration of Incognito Lock.

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