Shadow Brokers claims it hacked NSA, has access to NSA hacking tools

Shadow Broker claims to have hacked the NSA, wants $500 million to release files and hacking tools

NSA is in deep shit if we are to believe what Shadow Brokers says. A hacking group going by the name Shadow Brokers said on Monday that they had hacked into NSA website and have access to all the NSA hacking tools it uses in surveillance of US and global citizens.

To further rub it in, Shadow Brokers said that they will auction stolen surveillance tools and want $500 million from NSA if it doesnt want them to release/sell the tools.

NSA Hack

To make good their NSA hack claim, Shadow Brokers also released samples of programs they said could break into popular firewall software made by companies including Cisco Systems Inc, Juniper Networks Inc and Fortinet Inc.

The Shadow Brokers made their warning through a Tumbler Blog post written in imperfect English. In the blog, the hackers said that the auctioned material would contain “cyber weapons” developed by the Equation Group, a hacking group that cyber security experts widely believe to be an arm of the NSA.

The Shadow Brokers said the programs they will auction will be “better than Stuxnet,” a malicious computer worm widely attributed to the United States and Israel that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program.

The auction will end at an unspecified time, Shadow Brokers said, encouraging bidders to “keep bidding until we announce winner.”

NSA, Juniper Networks, Cisco or Fortinet has refused to comment on Shadow Brokers hacking claims.

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