Metamorphosis of the Traditional Game of Bingo

Today, bingo has evolved a lot since it first made its discrete apparition as a traditional Italian lottery a century ago. Nowadays, over 100m people play online bingo from all around the world. No one in the 19th century really knew that bingo would rise to become such a global phenomenon as it is today. This game has reached out across the globe since online bingo became available. And now it is practically to the reach of everyone’s palm with sites like, where you can access this popular site through your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

The main reason why bingo quickly gained its popularity is partly because of its easy to learn rules, and also due to the fact that it can be played nearly anywhere. Think of a few bingo games while on lunch break, in the bus/train, and why not in the bath? All you need to enjoy this game are improvised bingo cards and a bag of numbers written on torn bits of paper. Did you know that the early versions of bingo cards were cardboard sheets and they were marked off with rubber stamps? These hard cards are a far cry from the online bingo card stripes that are marked automatically at Lucky Pants Bingo while you are playing exciting mini games at the same time. In fact, the bingo cards of the past are now considered as collector’s items.

Gone are the days when huge rotating cages were filled with white bingo balls, as now people rarely travel to their local bingo gaming hall, and these have been replaced by sophisticated random number generators. Before you could only play your favourite variation of bingo when you were on holiday in the bingo halls. These restrictions are no longer applicable as you can play bingo whenever and wherever you are via your tablet or smartphone to access Lucky Pants Bingo. The availability of mobile bingo sites like Lucky Pants Bingo has made it possible to create numerous variations of bingo for your entertainment.

Along with finding popular bingo variations, such as 75 ball, 90 ball and 5 line bingo at Lucky Pants Bingo, you will also discover the chat feature in the bingo rooms, where you can talk about what you love with other bingo players and share your interests. This is the perfect place where you can play the game you love while making new friends. There are numerous chat games also available in the bingo rooms where you can win prizes such as free cards, free spins and physical prizes.

Playing your favourite game of bingo or slots is no further away than the palm of your hands. In the online bingo rooms at Lucky Pants Bingo you will find entertaining characters such as Luke Pants and Betty Balls who are always showering players with great prizes and making the chat rooms lively with special games. Plus you have the chance to win numerous progressive jackpots without any extra cost.


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