5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Aren’t True At All

Don’t believe everything you see and hear : 5 biggest smartphone myths busted

Almost everyone owns a smartphone as of today. Some have Android smartphones while others prefer Apple’s iPhone. When mobiles first arrived on the scene, we used them for calling and messaging but the development in smartphone technology has meant that we can now use them to access our social media accounts, email, playing games and of course for calling and messaging too!

However, like every tech gadget, people believe in some myths regarding smartphones. These myths are like superstitions which you from having proper knowledge. Therefore, in this post, we will share five smartphone myths that you should stop believing right now!

Myth 1: Smartphones with quad-core and octa-core processors are faster

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Aren't True

This is a myth that even sanest of smartphone owner believes. But sadly it ain’t true. Apple’s iPhone 6s with a two-core processor is way faster than any 8-core processor Android smartphone in the market. If your smartphone has multi-core processor then it is not necessarily going to be the fastest phone. The quality of the cores is what matters, we all know that quality is always better than quantity. Processor speed forms only a small part of smartphone speed and it depends on so many other factors.

Myth 2: Killing Apps with Task Killer will speed up your smartphone

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Aren't True

This is another myth that every smartphone owner believes. It is a fact that you try to kill App which you are not using in the forlorn hope of freeing more memory. Actually, apps are cached in RAM which only helps you to get to the apps more quickly. Your Android smartphone actually allows apps to run in the background with fewer restrictions. The apps in your background are usually frozen and use minuscule memory.

Myth 3: More RAM is better

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Aren't True

iPhones work fine with just 1GB or 2GB RAM while Google’s Nexus 6P with 3GB RAM is considered fastest Android smartphone available today. But believe it or not, if you are an Android fanboy, you will always look out for more RAM while buying your next Android smartphone. The fact remains that your smartphone will hang even if it has 6GB RAM if you have not optimised your phone correctly. Try opening and playing 10 videos in Google Chrome in different tabs on your 6GB Android smartphone and you will see what I am talking about.

Myth 4: Only use smartphone manufacturer’s charger

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Aren't True

This myth was probably floated around by smartphone manufacturers to get you to buy their products. The truth is you could use any charger built that matches the battery specs of your smartphone. Yes, using the original company manufactured charger is always best but you can use other compatible chargers without much difference. If you carefully notice different time results with different chargers, you will find that there is not much difference in the company made charger and a different compatible one.

Myth 5: More Megapixels, Better Camera!

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Aren't True

It is completely a false myth floated by smartphone makers to make you buy their products. The quality of photo mainly depends on how much light the sensor is able to take in. Better cameras actually have bigger image sensors. Sometimes even a 5MP camera with better sensors gives better photos than ordinary 13megapixel camera.

So these are just a few popular smartphone myths that aren’t actually true! There are several other which smartphone owners would swear on but are sadly false.

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  1. The Charger thing is not a myth..

    I have tried it.. I own Infocus M2 phone and it gets quickly charged when I use its own charger. But When I connect it with any other chargers the charging process significantly slows down.

    • Harish if you use same specification charger of different make, there is no difference. Check the voltage of both and you will find that the M2 phone charger (original) may differ from the one you used.


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