Porn during traffic: Billboard hacked to show sexual video

Arrested programmer tells Police I hacked the giant billboard to show explicit content because ‘I was bored’

Police in Jakarta, Indonesia have arrested a 24-year-old programmer for hacking into an electronic billboard and streaming a sexual video during Jakarta’s afternoon rush hour. According to existing laws in Indonesia, the programmer could face up to six years in jail.

While questioning, the programmer said that he hacked the giant billboard or videotron as it called in Indonesia because he was bored. The programmer hacked into the giant billboard and aired the Japanese film ‘Watch Tokyo Hot.’ The movie was broadcast for 10 minutes on the advertising screen on Friday at a major intersection located near the mayor’s office in the Indonesian capital, leaving motorists variously amused or horrified.

The power was quickly shut off to the ‘videotron’ – as the giant screens are locally known – but not before scenes of a couple engaged in a steamy tryst were captured on motorists’ phones which later went viral on social media.

The unnamed programmer also told the police that he pulled off the prank after spotting login details displayed on the billboard.

The NSFW videotron become an immediate hit with residents and motorists passing through the area soon started taking photos and videos of the screen and posting it on Twitter. The social media immediately caught on the act and #videotron started trending throughout Indonesia. One Twitter user took a video of the billboard and tweeted it tagging Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaya Purnama, and metro police.

Police and cybercrime specialists in the largely conservative, Muslim-majority country launched a hunt for the perpetrator and on Tuesday arrested a 24-year-old IT analyst in his office.